Dental XP

dental_xp_whiteI recently had the great opportunity to attend the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s 29th annual scientific session in Seattle, Washington. There were many great speakers and learning opportunities of which to avail myself of. Some of the speakers there were Frank Spear, John Kois, Ed McLaren, and many other world class clinicians. One of the lectures that i sat in on was by Dr. David Garber and Dr. Maurice Salama, while there was a lot of good stuff in their presentation the real gem that i was able to take away was an online resource.

Dr. Salama was a founding member of an online educational resource called DentalXP. It has tons of videos, articles, and an online discussion forum to interact with other dentists, technicians and specialists. The best part is its FREE! I hope you will avail yourself of this great resource, I have watched many great videos and am really excited to pass this resource on to you! Just click on the following link to get started

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