At Tri-County dental lab we strive to make the best dental restorations we possibly can. With that goal in mind, we have availed ourselves of training from some of the finest masters in our field. While acquiring advanced training is a must, the tools and products utilized in the laboratory must meet the highest standards in order to achieve the desired results of both esthetic excellence and exceptional longevity. We have chosen to use the products we do based on a variety of criteria but with the ultimate goal of excellence always in mind. Our partner manufacturers and outsource centers have been chosen because they are successful at what they do, offering exceptional service and results that allow us to provide patients with the best possible dental restorations. We have listed below a sampling of some of the prominent manufacturers and products that we use everyday in our laboratory, from Ivoclar’s e.max ceramic system to Straumann implants and more. It is important to us to make sure that you, as our customers and partners in the dental health profession, can rely on the products we utilize in the fabrication of all of our prostheses.

emax_logo Tri County Dental Lab uses ivoclar vivadent products
Tri County Dental Lab uses 3M ESPE products Tri County Dental Lab uses Diadem Precision Technologies products
Tri County Dental Lab uses Nobel Biocare products Tri County Lab uses Renfert products
samlogo Tri County Dental Lab uses Straumann products
 Tri County Dental Lab uses Komet products  Tri County Dental uses Whipmix products